Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Manheim Township Student Wins National InvestWrite Competition

Meet our National InvestWrite Winner

On May 20, EconPA staff invited Lancaster's Manheim Township High School student Zach Andrews, his teacher Julie Frey and his parents Wendy and Todd Andrews to an awards recognition luncheon to honor him for his achievement.  Zach knew that his winning essay was selected as the high school winner for the state of Pennsylvania but Zach didn't know that his essay was the NATIONAL WINNER!! 

InvestWrite National Competition is an essential tool that enhances the The Stock Market Game™ program by providing your students with a way to demonstrate what they are learning in the classroom.

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ECONOMICSPennsylvania and the Council on Economic Education's mission is to ensure that every student in America understands essential economic concepts, is able to use economic ways of thinking and problem solving, and has a solid grasp of the nature and structure of the national and global economy, as producers, consumers, and citizens. Through seminars, workshops, course offerings, and instructional resources, the MUCEE will aid economic educators in their preparation to teach students how to become productive members of the labor force, responsible and informed voters, prudent savers and investors, knowledgeable consumers, and lifelong decision makers. These attributes of an economically literate citizenry are imperative to the success and well-being of our state and nation.

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