Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stimulus Bill = Government Jobs for Recent Grads

It is even hard for the experts to predict how many and where new jobs will be created from the stimulus bill. But it seems obvious to me that in order for the government to manage various aspects of the stimulus bill, they will need to hire workers. I think this is one place where job creation is almost certain. I asked one of my students, Jillian Golomboski, to find out some information and here is what she has to report.

With the troubled state of the economy, it is scary as a student to think about attempting to find a job after college graduation. However, the recently passes stimulus bill is predicted to save or create 3.5 million jobs across the US which some people are optimistic about. As a college student in hopes of getting a job after graduation, or as a graduate in the middle of a job search, it would be nice to have a way of finding the government jobs that are being created.

These jobs can be searched for at which is a government website that is similar to other job search engines but is specific to government positions. This website is a great place to find new jobs that are opening due to the recently signed stimulus bill. On the site, you can search for a specific position you may be looking for, a certain city you may want to live in, or both. You can also find info about which jobs are currently in high demand. The website allows you to post a resume so recruiters can contact you or you can apply for positions online and send your resume in yourself.

As a member of the site, USAJOBS will keep you updated by sending you alerts and updates on the latest listings. The site will give you tips on searching for jobs so you can find the position you are looking for and the site has guides that can help you with the basic tasks of applying for a job.

In addition, is a website that can be helpful for current students. It can help you find internships in both government and non government organizations. It also connects you with different websites to search for careers, many of which are government related.
written by Jillian Golomboski

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